Continued vaccine safety

We talked about how a vaccine becomes approved in the first place (through studying lots of “clinical trials”) but how do we ensure that it remains safe after that?  Sometimes, when a new medication (or vaccine) is used for lots of people, we may find that someone reacts differently than we expected.  For whatever reason, …

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But are they really safe??

It is a pretty tough process for a medication (or vaccine) to be considered safe enough to use. Think of it like three major obstacles before the prince can rescue the princess from the tower. First, you cross the moat… Then you have to get by the archers… Last you have to defeat the dragon!

Timing is everything

One of our greatest roles as parents is to prepare our children for the world so that they can be healthy, happy, productive adults. What better way to do that than to give them this secret weapon of immunity against dangerous and deadly diseases? It’s like having an invisibility cloak in their back pocket! We don’t know who or what our children will encounter, but we can give them the best tools to be prepared for whatever life brings their way.

Who is WHO??

The news is constantly filled with information (and sometimes mis-information) about a million different topics. When you are flooded with so much stuff, how do you know who to believe and what is actually true?