The good, bad, and ugly about fevers

So fevers. They are no fun. They make us feel miserable and make our little ones look like sad little dolls. It definitely pulls on the mama bear heart strings!

But here is the good news….

Fevers are actually the body’s way of fighting off infection. When we get an infection, any kind of infection, our bodies have a system to get rid of the infection. When your child has a fever, here are some things to consider:

  1. How old is your child and how high is the fever?
  2. Does your child have any other symptoms?
  3. How long as the fever been going on?

Based on those questions, you can make some more decisions about what to do. Of course, no matter what advice you read, if you think you should call your child’s doctor or go to the hospital, then by all means, do it! You know your child best!

(adapted from The Mayo Clinic – Fever)

Here are some examples:

  1. Anna is 4 months old. She has a temperature of 101 but doesn’t seem to have any symptoms. Her mama should….WAIT IT OUT.
  2. Jack is 9 months old. He has a temperature of 102.3 with a cough and runny nose. Its been going on for 3 days. His mama should….CALL THE DOCTOR.
Should I give acetaminophen or ibuprofen to my child with a fever?

Generally speaking, if your child doesn’t have any other symptoms and is relatively comfortable, it is okay to NOT give any medication for a fever. Remember, a fever means the body is doing its job to get rid of an infection. If your child is uncomfortable or has other symptoms, it is okay to give medication for those symptoms. Treating your child’s fever will not make the infection go away any more quickly. Make sure you know the appropriate dose for your child based on his or her weight. (Stanford children’s hospital – fever in children)

Alright!! Now you know what to do the next time your little one has a fever! Even though it is no fun to watch, give your little one an extra snuggle and keep in mind how well their little bodies are working to keep them healthy!  Have more questions about what to do when your little one is sick?  Get started on the 5 day Sick Kiddo Boot Camp to become the smartest mama on the block!

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