35 Journal Prompts for your Pregnancy Journal

Did you just find out you are pregnant? Or have you known for a little while?  Either way, congratulations!  Its a crazy ride, but I promise you, your life will never be the same. 🙂

Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most exciting and one of the most terrifying things to happen to you.  And the roller coaster of fears and joy that come along the way is like nothing you have ever experienced before.  No matter where you are in your pregnancy, writing a journal and putting some of those thoughts down on paper (along with fun things to remember years from now) will be worth it!  

Pregnancy Journal Prompts

Here are some ideas for journal prompts to get you going.

Dates to remember

  • What day did you found out you were pregnant?
  • When did you share the news to friends and family?
  • When did you feel the first kicks?
  • Did you find out the baby’s gender?  Did you do a gender reveal?
  • Did you have a baby shower? When?

Throughout the pregnancy

  • Symptoms / cravings / aversions
  • Dreams (you will probably have weird ones!)
  • Doctors appointments
    • How big is mama
    • How big is baby
    • Testing that was done and results
  • Baby is the size of a….
  • Waist measurements
  • Bump photos
  • Ultrasound photos
  • What growth and development things are happening with baby
  • Mom and Dad’s best and worst memories (each week / month / trimester)
  • Favorite and least favorite things about pregnancy
  • I / we are excited about……

Choosing a name

  • What names are on the short list?
  • What thoughts have gone into choosing a name? Is there a meaning? Are names from family members? 
  • Do you have nicknames for the baby now?  Have you thought about nicknames for once baby is born?

Preparing for baby

  • What types of things have you done to prepare for baby?
  • What do you want to do BEFORE baby arrives?
  • What is the best advice you have received and who was it from?
  • Have your pets been acting differently?  What are you doing to help them get ready for a new baby?
  • Have you bought anything special for baby?

Hopes and Wishes

  • What do you wish your baby will do or experience that you haven’t done?
  • What experiences do you hope to be able to share with baby?
  • How do you envision your family once baby arrives?  What things will be important?
  • What personality traits do you hope baby will have? Why?  Will they be from mom or from dad?  
  • What parts of mom and dad do you hope baby will inherit?
  • What about the world do you hope will be the same when baby grows up?
  • What are your hopes for labor and delivery?
  • What do you want to do with baby once he or she arrives?


  • What fears do you have about labor and delivery?
  • What fears do you have about motherhood?
  • What are you nervous about?

Some of these things might be fun to share with baby when he or she gets older.  Some might just be nice for you to have to look back on.  However you view your journal, enjoy the experience.  While you are in it, pregnancy feels like it takes for-e-ver!  And then, one day, it’s over.  What you are doing, growing a human inside of you! is one of the most amazing, incredible things that can happen.  Hang in there mama.  You are doing great!!

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