Timing is everything

One of our greatest roles as parents is to prepare our children for the world so that they can be healthy, happy, productive adults. What better way to do that than to give them this secret weapon of immunity against dangerous and deadly diseases? It’s like having an invisibility cloak in their back pocket!  We don’t know who or what our children will encounter, but we can give them the best tools to be prepared for whatever life brings their way.

The Center for Disease Control sets the schedule for when children should received vaccines for various diseases. This is based on lots of different factors.  The most important fact is that vaccines provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially serious, even life-threatening diseases.

But some of the things that we protect against don’t seem like a threat to children at all!  Why do we need to vaccinate our children at such a young age when the disease probably won’t affect them until they are older? 

Good question!  The sneaky thing about some of these diseases is that a person can be infected when they are very young, but they may not see any problems until they are older.  For example, someone may be infected with HPV and not have many, or at symptoms right away.  But, HPV can lead to serious health problems, like cancer later in life.   Over 30,000 men and women in the United States are diagnosed with cancers caused by HPV each year.

That’s just one example. Making sure a child has that “invisibility cloak” before he or she has a chance to be exposed to a disease offers the BEST protection.  You can feel confident knowing that you have done what you can to keep your children safe, which is what we ALL want for our babies!

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